The X-Files

April 19, 2016

X-Files Dress

Dress: Rusty Cuts | Shoes: Bass (similar) | Earrings and Bracelet: Rocksbox (get one month free when you use the code asentimentaladventurexoxo)

IĀ  am so excited to be sharing this dress on the blog today. One blog I’ve been following for years is A Clothes Horse she is originally from the United States but has since moved to Ireland. I’m a huge fan of her vintage inspired, quirky style. I’m used to looking at her photos and wishing I had pretty much every piece of clothing that she wears, but when I saw her wearing this X-Files dress I ordered it later that day.

I have been a fan of the X-Files since I was in elementary school. My whole family would watch if every Sunday night before going to bed. My best childhood friend and I even had an X-Files club where we walked around our town looking for “clues” to cases. It consisted of us picking up random things that we could find and pretending like they had to do with paranormal activity.

We also made up a song, which was pretty terrible, so we were super excited the first time we heard Bree Sharp’s David Duchovny on the radio. I’m totally dating myself here, but before we bought the CD we would listen to our the radio on our boom box and once we realized they were going to play the song we recorded it onto a cassette tape so we could listen to it over and over again. Just recently a song was released by a band called Tacocat called Dana Katherine Scully and it is even more fantastic.

If you’ve never seen the X-Files, I can’t recommend it enough! I think there is something for everyone, not just people who love science fiction. With the different writers, you are able to see really different story lines throughout the seasons. Some focus on folklore, some are very heavily comedic, some have more horror aspects. You definitely don’t have to watch them in order so you can jump around between episodes.

For those of you that watch the X-Files, which is your favorite episode? Mine would have to be Bad Blood or The Ghosts that Stole Christmas.

X-Files Dress

X-Files Dress X-Files Dress X-Files Dress X-Files Dress X-Files Dress X-Files Dress X-Files Dress X-Files Dress X-Files Dress Rocksbox Earrings X-Files Dress | Rocksbox Wrap Bracelet X-Files Dress X-Files Dress v



  • Super cute and fun dress! I really love the funky vintage feel to it!
    xx Annie

  • You know I’m all over this! X Files for life!!! This dress is amazing šŸ˜€ Fave episode is either Fiji Mermaid, as me and my family call it [actually called Hambug] or Arcadia šŸ™‚

  • These photos are so gorgeous girl!! Were these taken at sunset? Love the lighting!!! Great photo timing!! I’ve never watched the X Files…. but it’s always super nice to have a favorite show (or movie!) and wear something associated with it!

    All the Cute šŸŽ€
    Today’s Post (so exciting!!): Alena, again!

  • The lighting is truly amazing šŸ™‚