Winter Wonderland with QLMD

January 15, 2016

QLMD Floral Leggings

Sweater: Thrifted while in France (similar) | Leggings: c/o QLMD | Hat: Flea Marker in LA (similar) | Shoes: Modcloth (similar) | Backpack: Target | Watch: Shore Projects | Bracelet: JCrew Factory

The weather has been very snowy recently in Chicago, so instead of staying cooped up inside, we decided to embrace it and take some photos! I knew this would be the perfect opportunity to wear my new leggings from QLMD because the blue floral print would just pop against the background of the freshly fallen snow. I’ve only ever worn black or gray leggings, but I like the idea that my leggings can be the focal point of an outfit.  I love these because they are comfy, warm, and such an amazing pattern. They are perfect for lounging around the house, but are so pretty that you can dress them up and wear them out for a girls night.

These are just one of many different options of unique prints that QLMD has to offer. This new clothing brand is run by Shailja who previously created prints and patterns for women’s brands such as H&M, Mexx, and JC Penny. You aren’t just limited to leggings, she also has these beautiful prints on dresses, fitted skirts, flare skirts, phone cases, and wall art. So many awesome options!

This Shore Projects watch is a Christmas present from Dan and I absolutely love it! The gold around the face of the watch matches my bracelet perfectly. He chose a mint strap for me because all throughout the summer I was trying to find a particular mint nail polish and with that in mind, he decided to go with a mint watch strap. Added bonus is that strap is removable, so I can have a different watch strap for every outfit! Ok, probably not, but I can switch it up from time to time. The face of the watch is the perfect size and I like that it isn’t too feminine either.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Any plans?

QLMD Floral Leggings QLMD Floral Leggings QLMD Floral Leggings QLMD Floral Leggings QLMD Floral Leggings QLMD Floral Leggings QLMD Floral Leggings QLMD Floral Leggings QLMD Floral Leggings QLMD Floral Leggings QLMD Floral Leggings QLMD Floral Leggings

  • Cute outfit, love the floral print! Your photos are making me wish it would snow in Atlanta!

    • Thanks Jamie! It’s a lot easier to embrace the snow when you don’t have to drive in it! I often times have a love/hate relationship with it. haha

  • Ileana Druetta

    OMG! You really got tons of snow… 😀 Actually, I live super close to chicago, and we got snow too… but I was locked inside the house and underneath the blanket!

    Love ur pants 🙂



    • The snow is all gone now, but it was pretty while it lasted! The weather has been very inconsistent here and our temperatures are supposed to drop tomorrow. =( Not looking forward to that. Such is life in Chiberia!

  • Thank you Christina for showing my work. You are looking gorgeous here. Prints are my passion. It took me from days to weeks to create each design. It has been a long road to establish QLMD. In June 2014, I was blessed with a little baby girl. It is wonderful to be a mother. Before going on mat leave, I was determined to launch my own brand. Now, as a mother and small business owner, it is a challenge but very rewarding. My husband has always been very supportive, which gave me the freedom to keep doing what I love.
    – Shailja

  • I love these snowy photos, you leggings are so cute


    • Thank you Laura! I would definitely trade this super cold weather for some snow instead!

  • You are looking so sweet in this style, love your outfit!

  • Super cute outfit, really brightens up the snowy day you were having! 🙂

    • Thanks Becky! My thoughts exactly!

  • Lucy Mitchell

    Love those leggings. Such a great pattern.
    Sunset Desires

    • Thank you Lucy! Shailja does some amazing work!