Rocksbox Review

February 22, 2016


Recently I was invited to try out a few months subscription of Rocksbox, which I am very excited about! I was not super familiar with how it worked so I’ll fill you in on the gist in case you don’t know all the details. You pay $19 a month (first month free with code: asentimentaladventurexoxo) but you are not limited to just one box of jewelry a month! I was not aware you could return your jewelry before the month was up. When you sign up you fill out a survey about the type of jewelry you prefer silver or gold, statement or smaller pieces, etc. You can also add specific pieces to your wish list and they will often times send you one of those.

RocksboxIn your box you will receive 3 hand selected pieces of jewelry.  I received once necklace, one bracelet, and one ring, which I really like because I can wear them all in one outfit.  You can wear your jewelry as much as you like and when you are ready for something new, you simply ship it back. Once they receive it they will send you three new pieces! There is also an option to purchase one of the pieces you receive. If you want to do that you just don’t send it back and they will charge you for the item. Each box comes with information about the piece and how much it costs.

Rocksbox Rocksbox

Each piece of jewelry is cleaned and inspected before they send it out to someone else. It seriously looks brand new when you receive it. All of my pieces were bright and shiny and did not look like they had been previously worn. You do not pay any shipping, they provide you with a label and you just send back your items in the packaging in which you received them.

Rocksbox | Sophie Harper Pave Double Bar Ring Rocksbox | Sophie Harper Pave Double Bar Ring Rocksbox | Gorjana Petra Shimmer Cuff Rocksbox | Gorjana Petra Shimmer Cuff

Rocksbox | Kendra Scott Cory Necklace Mother of Pearl

I’m only on my first box, but so far I am super happy with the experience. They did a fantastic job selecting pieces I would like and it was really fun to have an element of surprise when I unwrapped the box. I received a Sophie Harper Pave Double Bar Ring, a Goriana Petra Shimmer Cuff, and a Kendra Scott Cory Necklace in Ivory Mother of Pearl.  I’ve been wearing all of them a lot, but I’m excited to see what they will send me next! Check out their FAQ if you need more info or shoot me an email.

You can try out Rocksbox for 1 month FOR FREE with the code: asentimentaladventurexoxo