Night in Pilsen

March 24, 2016

Novelstyle Dress | Molly Bracken

Dress: c/o Novelstyle | Coat: Thrifted (similar) | Shoes: Steve Madden

The weekend of the time change, we were pretty annoyed because we already had to wake up early that Sunday and the time change gave us even less sleep. However, now it is amazing how much more sun we get to see each day! So we had to take full advantage of that and enjoy strolling in a neighborhood we don’t spend much time in. Pilsen is south and west of the loop and is home to amazing restaurants, vintage stores, and more recently art spaces.

Dan and I love to spend time in thrift and vintage stores and Pilsen is the perfect spot for that! Pilsen Vintage and Knee Deep Vintage are right across the street from each other so it is super convenient. Pilsen Vintage has a wider variety of things you can find like cameras, furniture, jewelry, hats, clothing, etc, while Knee Deep Vintage is mostly just clothing items. Making each of them fun to peruse in their own way. Dresses at Knee Deep went for about $65, which isn’t too unreasonable if you find that perfect dress, but sadly I didn’t find on that I absolutely loved that fit.

This trench coat is new to me from my favorite Salvation Army. I will never understand, yet will be forever grateful to the people who donate items in impeccable condition! I’m happy to give this coat a new home and wear it all spring long. I love the belt at the waist and that the bottom flares a bit making it almost look like a dress. As for the dress, Ileana let each of us pick out one of the new items from her shop, Novelstyle, for participating in the photo shoot and I knew I had to have this one!  It is from a French clothing store called Molly Bracken and all of their stuff is amazing! The style of this dress is quickly becoming my new favorites where it is cinched in the waist and has a layer almost like a shirt over the skirt part of the dress.

Holly Bracken Dress | Novelstyle Shop
Holly Bracken Dress | Novelstyle Shop Holly Bracken Dress | Novelstyle Shop Novelstyle Dress | Molly Bracken

Trench Coat

Novelstyle Dress | Molly Bracken Novelstyle Dress Knee Deep Vintage Pilsen Chicago Pilsen Chicago Pilsen Chicago Pilsen Chicago Pilsen Chicago Trench Coat Trench Coat Trench CoatHolly Bracken Dress | Novelstyle Shop