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February 3, 2016

HOM Venice | Love Story

Sweater: c/o HOM Venice | Jacket: Thrifted (similar) | Dress: Express (similar) | Shoes: Old (similar) | Socks: Old (similar)

When I saw this sweater at HOM Venice (check them out on Instagram @HOM_Venice), I knew I had to have it! The phrase “A True Love Story Never Ends” reminded me so much of mine and Dan’s wedding, which was literary/library themed. My wedding ring is engraved with the phrase “Our story begins…”. It felt like the sweater was meant for me! Since we are on the topic of love stories, I figured that now would be the perfect opportunity to share how Dan and I met.

Dan and I both frequented one of the Irish pubs on our college campus and we just so happened to be there on the same night. Yes, that’s right, we met a bar. Super romantic, I know. Anyway, he saw me across the room wearing a Lawrence Arms (local Chicago band) hoodie. Those were the days of punk rock band tees. I was also wearing a Lillingtons (semi-obscure punk rock band) T-shirt. My style has quite changed since then. Basically Dan couldn’t not come over and talk to me considering he knew and loved both of those bands. We bonded over music and books (both of us were English majors), and figured out a way that we would be in the same class the following semester.

The rest was history, so they say.  We still enjoy going to shows and listening to records, and I’m constantly in awe that I found someone with interests so similar to my own. While sometimes I look back on my style choices regretfully, I realize that I actually wouldn’t change a thing. Otherwise we might not have ever met each other. Who would have thought clothing could play such a significant role in someone’s life?

Anyways, back to the outfit! I love the multi-color stripes on this sweater; they really make it stand out. Since our weather was quite warm this past weekend in Chicago, I was able to layer the sweater over a dress, and only need a jean jacket over that. But the weather still required some knee-high socks. I would have been pretty cold without them!

Recently my aunt brought over my grandma’s jewelry box for my mother, sister, and me to look through. I saw this adorable mushroom necklace, which looked exactly like something I wear. I wish I could ask her where she got it and what drew her to the necklace. But I love knowing that we have such similar taste even though we are generations apart.

Do you have any pieces of clothing or jewelry that were with you in such an important time in your life?

HOM Venice | Love Story HOM Venice | Love Story

HOM Venice | Love Story

HOM Venice | Love Story HOM Venice | Love Story HOM Venice | Love Story HOM Venice | Love Story

HOM Venice | Love Story HOM Venice | Love Story

HOM Venice | Love Story

  • Len Dela Peña Parent

    Love this entire look. Great styling!!! Hope you have a wonderful week!
    Much love, Len

  • I love hearing how couples meet. What a sweet story (and sweet outfit too)! Love the knee socks!

  • Kiki Rampone

    This is so cute, and really similar to my own tastes 🙂 Love the little mushroom necklace and the knee socks! Your love story is simple and adorable, I wish you two the very best!
    xo Kiki

  • streetmadonna

    What a cute outfit and I love the love story behind it! Also love that you’re a punk rock book nerd. I grew up listening to it too..and one of my faves from high school was Chicago band Screeching Weasel. Also, I’m old so that means I listen to mostly old punk. 🙂

  • Violette

    Cool outfit! I love your hair! x

  • cute look, your style is really unique 🙂

  • Rasa Virviciute

    love this look!


  • Kirsten Wick

    From what you’re saying the sweater really is perfect for you, yay! What a cute outfit. Love, Kirsten xx

  • Such a cute outfit! It makes me smile!!
    Love your blog!



  • What a cute sweater! Perfect styling!

    Doused In Pink

  • Devinne Stevens

    Aww, what a cute story! It sounds like you two are perfect for each other! I love your whole outfit, but that top is such a standout!

  • Both stories are so sweet! I love that you have that cute piece of jewelry that was your Grandma’s – thats so meaningful. I have something like that from my mom’s late cousin who had this sweet little necklace with a real (or at least looks real) miniature flower in it. Same situation where my mom brought over a bunch of her jewelry to see if there was anything I wanted and I immediately saw that and knew I wanted it and treasure having something that was hers.