I Want to Ride My Bicycle Shirt

May 16, 2016

H&M Bicycle Shirt

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This outfit is another birthday present from Dan. He is really good at picking out clothes he knows I will like. I’m so bummed I can’t find it on their website. If you like it too, check in stores. Dan bought it from an H&M in Chicago.

On one of the rainy days in Chicago, we spotted this paint chipped garage and knew we had to take photos in front of it because we both loved it so much! I can’t wait to have a garage some day instead of always having to park on the street. I hope our garage has as much character as this one! My grandparent’s house always had vines growing on the side of it, so it has always been something that I love to see. Basically this might be my favorite garage in the city!

We stopped at our favorite cafe in Ravenswood Manor, First Slice, and had some coffee and pie for breakfast, because why not? Then obviously Dan took some photos of the el, which is basically a train, but not as cool, in Dan’s opinion. Although, the name el doesn’t really fit for this stop because it is at street level, not elevated.

Oh we were also really bummed because nobody had a cool vintage bike locked up against a fence that we could get in a picture. Then a few days after we took these photos we saw multiple! I suppose that’s always the case. Hope you have a lovely week! Dan and I are in Portland for the week and very excited to explore the city as well as a few day trips around Oregon. Follow along on Instagram and let us know if there is anything we have to see in Portland!


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  • ~Tha~Golden~Lady~

    Nice and simple look !
    Love the bike shirt… Just bought a similar one from H&M w/ giraffes 😛 Can’t wait to style it 🙂 x

  • Morgan Impeartrice

    Awesome blog and adorable shirt! Can I use your photo of the shirt for a Poshmark post? I’m listing this shirt for sale and would love to feature this pic and give credit to your blog!

    • Thank you so much Morgan. Yes you can definitely use the photo!