Why I Want to Go Back to Prague

November 1, 2016

go back to prague

Prague was a such a magical city for us. There was so much to take in with all of the beautiful architecture while we wandered the city.  The people were so friendly everywhere we went. We had two nights in a row where we had the best cocktails we’ve probably ever had. The first night at the Hemingway Bar and on our last night at Bonvivant’s CTC Bar.

While we were visiting Prague we didn’t have a huge checklist of things we needed to see. The whole experience felt so much more relaxed that way. Our goal was to just take in the city sights and have a good time. Sometimes when we are traveling we get so stressed out that we aren’t going to have enough time, and we feel like we are rushing to see all of the things we think we are supposed to see. But it never felt like that in Prague. I think that’s why it is the only place that we stopped to take some outfit photos.

I want to go back to Prague because it was somewhere we didn’t feel like tourists the entire time.  We never really heard much about the food there, but we both actually absolutely loved it. The weather was gorgeous the whole time, which allowed us to spend as much time as possible outside. We walked almost everywhere, which lead to us stumbling upon Prague’s very own Cat Cafe. Needless to say we spend an hour or two drinking coffee, eating snacks, and hanging out with some cats. We plan to write up a guide to Prague, because it does have some sights that are not to be missed, but it is also a city that deserves a lot of time to wander.

Floral Top
Floral Top | Maroon Pants Floral Top | Gold Ring Floral Top Floral Top | Maroon Pants Go Back to Prague

Floral Top | Maroon Pants

Floral Top | Maroon Pants
Floral Top | Maroon Pants Floral Top | Maroon Pants

Floral Top | Maroon Pants

  • Loving your blouse and those pants! Great color!
    I miss ya girly… I would love the do brunch soon. I’ve been so busy with my first year of teaching, but things are calming down. I’m going to make a point to send you an email soon and hopefully we can reconnect. I hope all is well!

    Regarding this post: I had no idea Prague was so accessible to tourists, sounds like a cool city!

    All the Cute