Denim Vest

June 7, 2016

Gap Denim Vest

Gap Vest (darker version) | Thrifted Shorts (similar) | Converse | Old Sunglasses (Similar) | Shein Purse (saddle bag)

Every year in June Lincoln Square celebrates Maifest where people enjoy beer, sausages, and sauerkraut. There is plenty of music, mostly of the polka variety. Apparently they even crown a Maifest Queen! But we weren’t there for that. Since it is so close to us, we went Friday night with some friends. Luckily we had great weather so it was the perfect night to enjoy some music and a few beers outside.

I’ve been looking for the perfect denim vest and I finally found it at the Gap Outlet in Chicago. They have a lot of great sales and are also doing a promotion where if you spend $100 you received $50 off on the next $100 that you spend. Also I’m wearing these daisy shorts again. They go with so many things! Expect to see them a lot this summer. Sorry in advance!

 Also, a little over a week ago I got my first tattoo! I’ve wanted one for awhile but didn’t know what to commit to. After a weekend spent hanging out with our friend Karina we all realized that we liked the spiral shape for multiple reasons. We all love photography and it signifies the golden ratio that many people believe provide the composition for an amazing photograph. I’m also in love with Marcus Sedgwick’s book The Ghosts of Heaven and in it the spiral is a symbol that is seen over and over again throughout space and time. It is one that also represents infinity and like a lot of people, I find it very intriguing. So anyway, basically as we were hanging out last weekend, we talked about how we all wanted tattoos and loved this design and just decided to go for it. Now I feel like the pressure is off and I’m not as caught up in the permanency. I know what kind of tattoos I’d want and what kind I don’t and at my age, I don’t think it will really change.

Gap Denim VestGap Denim Vest Gap Denim Vest Gap Denim Vest Gap Denim Vest Gap Denim VestPolkaholics Maifest Chicago

  • This is a really cute way to wear a vest! I would have never thought to wear it buttons up like a shirt, but you’re pulling it off!