Daisy Shorts

May 27, 2016

Daisy Shorts

Old JCrew Shirt (similar) | Thrifted Shorts (similar) | Old Shoes (similar) | Rocksbox Ring and Bracelet c/o (use code asentimentaladventurexoxo for 1 month free!)

As you probably know from reading this blog, we are huge fans of thrift stores. We love sifting through clothing and finding that perfect piece that we want to add to our wardrobes. While on our trip to Portland and Seattle we hit up a few thrift stores. They actually had Goodwill Boutiques that looked like cute little consignment stores as opposed the usual long rows of tons of tightly packed in clothes in a brightly lit room.  These ones had nicer clothing and items, and displayed them like you would see in a boutique. But they really seemed to up the prices on most of their pieces which for us defeats the purpose of thrifting.

However, we were pleasantly surprised when we found some Crossroads in both Portland and Seattle. Crossroads is a resale shop; you can buy and sell clothes there but they need to be in good condition and trendy pieces. I found these adorable daisy shorts in Seattle.  Ok, Dan actually spotted them first and knew I would love them. He was right!

In this previous post about Rocksbox, I talk about the awesome jewelry service where you can receive 3 pieces of jewelry custom chosen based on a survey and wish list you fill out. I’ve been using Rocksbox for a few months now and I really love the pieces I’ve been sent and the fact that I can always look forward to new accessories whenever I’m ready to change it up. You can return your box at any time, you aren’t limited to only one box a month. More info in this post here. You can still use the code asentimentaladventurexoxo for a one month free trail of the service!

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