Feels Like Fall

October 25, 2016

Thred Up Chambray Top

The weather has cooled off significantly lately, so much so that I had to wear a cardigan my chambray top from thredUP!  (Find out more about this online resale shop on my post featuring a gorgeous dress + sunflowers) I am very happy about this because I love sweaters and cardigans, cappuccinos, crunchy leaves, corn mazes, and everything else associated with autumn.

Summer flew by and we ended up being busier than I had expected. Which led to fewer and fewer blog posts. I started this blog in October last year and I’m hoping I can find the drive I had a year ago to post at least twice a week. We love taking photos and styling outfits but sometimes life just seems to get in the way. Maybe we take photos and they sit on the SD card never getting edited or even uploaded to our computer. Then there is the time it takes to write and edit a post and share said post and photos to social media. It all started feeling a bit overwhelming with a full time job and everyday tasks that need to be done.

I started blogging because I read blogs like A Clothes Horse and Steffy’s Pros and Cons and their styles were so adorable and photos so beautiful that I wanted to see if I could do it myself. The worst thing I do is compare my style and photos to other bloggers. Instead, my goal is to get inspiration from these bloggers and see what would work to include in my own style. Rebecca and Steffy make blogging look so effortless, I have to constantly remind myself that they’ve been blogging for years and it takes time to refine blogging skills.  I need to keep realistic goals and a work schedule that is not too overwhelming as to cause burn out.

Any bloggers out there that struggle with balancing blogging, jobs, life, and sleep?

Thred Up Chambray Top Thred Up Chambray Top

Striped Sweater Fall

Thred Up Chambray Top Thred Up Chambray Top

Striped Sweater Fall

Thred Up Chambray Top Thred Up Chambray Top Thred Up Chambray Top Striped Sweater Fall
Striped Sweater Fall

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  • It’s hard to balance everyday life and blogging sometimes. Setting small goals and focusing on why you love to blog helps to stay on track. Love this cute fall combo! Perfect layering!

    Doused In Pink

    • Yes, I totally agree! Trying to do too much always seems to lead to me burning out and ending up not doing anything! I hope you had a wonderful weekend!